Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Home Depot Gift Card Winner and the Best Kept Secret at a Twins Game

Thank you to everyone that posted a comment on our 3rd blog-o-versary post!  But before I get to the giveaway winner I have to tell you that I loved reading the comments as they rolled in!  Some comments were really sweet and it was helpful to get feedback on what kind of posts you enjoy most or how you found us in the first place.  It was fun that a couple of you mentioned the room redo we got from Kevin & Layla of The Lettered Cottage and have been reading along since (mostly because before that my mom and sister were our only readers!).  But we also loved to hear that some of you have a similar style/older house or that you live nearby (neighboring states count too!).

So thank you again to everyone that commented, but it's time to find out who won the Home Depot gift card giveaway?!?!?  Drumroll... and the winner is....

Congrats Susie! the winning random number was 4 and your comment was the lucky 4th posted! Please send me an email with your mailing information and we will get that Home Depot gift card sent out!
Random winning number selected by Sequence Generator

Now onto a different topic (which is very different than any of our posts ever before) the Minnesota Twins!  I have to tell ya that we are majorly distracted this week because we went to a Twins game Monday and I went to another at noon today! 
Woo-hoo!  Nothing makes spring/summer feel more fun that a good-ol baseball game out in the sunshine!  But I think I might have learned the best kept secret at Target Field thanks to my neighbor Chris on Monday! 

Did you know there is an actual organ player on the 4th level inside the 2 Gingers Bar?!?! 
I had no idea either!!!!  I just thought that all those old fashioned baseball songs were just a recording that came on when someone pressed a button, but no!  All the tunes are played by organist Sue Nelson, she's the real deal and it is quite fun to watch her in action!  Alex caught me in action after we found her, I'm bopping around like an idiot but I was having a blast in the moment :)

Well, now I must admit I'm kind of tired and sunburned so I'll call that's a wrap for today!

Any other local folks go to the Twins games this week?
Did you know that there was a real organ player at the stadium or did you think it was a recording too?

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  1. Hi!! i found your blog when i was looking for DIY... Im from Argentina... yes really far away!!
    Love your blog!:)


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