Friday, May 17, 2013

Head Over Heels DIY Friday: Summer Styled Rope Mirrors and Candle Holders

Hello and happy Friday!  I have a sort of Summer DIY decor post for you today, because honestly I'm confused about whether we are in spring or summer right now.  It feels like we just skipped over spring and went right into summer here in Minnesota, does it feel like that where you are?  I know Memorial Day is next week which is the official start to summer, but heck it was freezing a week or two ago so let's just call it summer I say! 

Now onto my summer styled DIY project- Rope Mirrors and Candle Holders!
I've been seeing a lot of home decor made with rope lately and figured I could add it to some mirrors or candle holders at home.  So, I grabbed some Sisal rope from Home Depot for just $8.81 to add onto three glass candle holders and two mirrors I had at home.

For the candle holders, all I did was wrap the sisal rope around a few times and then pinning the ends to hold them on (no glue required on these!).

The mirrors were a little trickier and required the use of a hot glue gun.  I cut enough rope to go around my square Ikea mirrors three times with a bit extra to loop at the top.  I glued the rope in place around the edge of the mirror (shown in images below).
For my round mirror it was a bit easier.  I just placed cut rope on the inner edge of my mirror and glued the ends together.

Easy-peasy right?!?!?

I'm Head Over Heels for this simple DIY's, are you?!?!

I'm loving this fresh summer-y update for the mirrors & lanterns, but right now they are on my mantel and I feel like we are lacking some color.  So, help a girl out!  Tell me...

What could I add to the mantel or fireplace itself that would add color and compliment the rope/summer theme?

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  1. I really like that you did not use glue on those jars. It means that when the style is growing old for you, you can change it up. I love the look of the rope myself, but have yet to create something.


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