Sunday, May 19, 2013

Looks like We Forgot to...

Clean the gutters...  Last fall and perhaps earlier this spring.  Whoopsie!!!

It had been raining for a couple hours today here in Minneapolis and it didn't take us long to notice water spewing over our gutters.  With a flash flood watch today and rain in all of the extended forecast...

Alex decided he had better hop on a ladder and clear the way so water could travel out of the downspouts and away from our home's foundation.  At least he looked pretty cheery doing it right (or it was because he had just downed a Venti Starbucks and was amped on caffeine)?

I guess we're getting those April showers now just in time for June flowers?  At least our gutters are now ready for the spring/summer rain and storms!  Guess it reminds us to always be ready for severe weather during this time of year- outside and inside our home. 

Hope everyone else in this same band of rain and severe storms across the Midwest is staying dry and safe! 

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  1. OMG Carla - I saw your post and immediately freaked out! You should never get up on an aluminum ladder during a storm for fear of electrocution. I'm not sure what the weather was like here when Alex climbed up, but there was lightning all over the place when I was driving thru it in western WI. I'm so glad to see it was a minor inconvenience and that nothing terrible happened during the storm :0) The storm flushed out our gutters real good! Be safe, Bonnie


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