Sunday, November 17, 2013

Deep Soak Tub Installed, Onto Tiling Prep!

Fortunately I was able to call in a favor to a couple of my friends (big thanks to Tom and Paul!) before Carla got home from her work trip and after a little cursing, plenty of tight spaces, and some hot Sawzall action, we got the tub installed in it's mortar bed!
Kohler Bancroft 60"x 32" Alcove Bath
With the bathtub and plumbing in place, I was able to rough in the new bathroom fixtures and temporarily install some poly sheeting, allowing us to shower/bathe while the project progresses. BTW: I am in love with my new shower fixtures!  I made three purchases in order to find the perfect set and the Delta Silverton was it! The large aerating shower head provides an amazingly luxurious experience... even with plastic covering the walls around you :-)

Enough about the fixtures...
Delta Silverton Faucet $119.00 from Home Depot
With the tub and plumbing in place, it was time for another trip to good ol' HD! I was in the zone too - checking off nearly every item on my "Hurry Up and Finish the F'in Bathroom Project" list! Tile, Mortar, Grout, Furring Strips, Sheet Plastic, Cement Board, Silicone Sealant, Corner Shelves, Soap Tray, Joint Tape...You get the idea.

I almost forgot - Every project requires a skilled and licensed handyman...Rocco will do if you're in a jam.

Time to put all of those newly acquired home project pieces to use. I started by squaring off the cuts in the old drywall while using the furring strips to level the wall joists to the tile flange around the tub. Next came the vapour barrier (nobody likes mold in the walls) and the HARDIEBACKER, followed by taped and mortared lines and corners! A lot of progress today but there's still plenty more to come....

Stick around throughout the week as Carla and I get closer and closer to having a nice, clean shower/bathtub space that still fits the look of our 1924 Dutch Colonial.

I'm betting that there will still be a few more Starbucks and Papa John's fueled nights in my future.  With that, does anyone know if it's safe to operate a Sawzall while drinking an Old Fashioned?  Rocco said it was okay but he could be after my life insurance payout.

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