Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Operation: Deep Soak...

Is Well Underway!

Take a look at some of the progress that I've been making since getting a great deal on an amazing tub!

Kohler Bancroft

Here's a look at the demolition and progress I've made thus far.

Nothing Glamorous About This Project

There will be more details to come on the step by step of this project but for now, how about some more pictures?

Leveling the Floor and Roughing in the Plumbing

Oh, one final picture of an old industry secret...Wrap the tub with insulation in order to keep the bath water warmer longer. Genius!!

I Can't Wait to Soak in This Deep Tub!

The floor, plumbing, and tub are all ready for the mortar bed to go down and, tomorrow I have a couple of friends coming over to help me move the tub into position. In a couple of days time, we'll be able to bathe like kings/queens.

Now then, due to issues that have come up during this home update, there really is no possible way that I can have the entire thing wrapped up by the time Carla comes home but, she's already given me an extension into the upcoming weekend so at least now I don't have to rush and worry about sacrificing quality.

More to Come!


  1. tell me more about this awesome tub score. i am starting a bathroom renovation in February. ahhh!!

    1. After searching all of the local inventory (Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, Kohler Showrooms, etc...) I had essentially written off this project as there simply weren't any tubs available that fit my requirements, without being special ordered. Long story short - I found the brand new tub on craigslist that I got an amazing deal on (more than 60% off retail) from an older couple that never had it installed because the step over height would have been too much for them to handle. To top it all off, they were super nice and certainly not the classic "Craigslist Creeper" types :-)


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