Friday, December 6, 2013

Our Green Holiday Dining Room Look and Some Entertaining!

Okay, I know I didn't get my Holiday Dining Room post up yesterday as intended but I have a good excuse- Instead of writing about the Dining Room, I was using it with some of my favorite fabulous ladies!  Yes, we took in all the pretty holiday decor but we mainly soaked up some hot toddies, red wine, and a crap load selection of fine cheeses :) Can you blame me?
Wine, cheese, and chatting it up was too fun to pass up!

So despite falling a little short on my own "Christmas Extravaganza" week, I'll still wrap things up here in the Dining Room.  Let's have a look!
I added fresh greenery above the windows, on the sideboard, and in the table centerpiece.  I have to mention that the best deal I got when it came to the fresh stuff was that boxwood wreath above our sideboard- only $9.99 at Trader Joes, isn't that crazy!?!  Such a deal!  I added in ornaments to all the of the greenery to give it that special holiday feel!

Just like our mantel, I again used juniper berry and long spruce needle bundles with a wee bit of cedar and had two thin birch logs against the back of the sideboard.
I again used juniper berry and long spruce needle bundles with a wee bit of cedar and had two thin birch logs against the back of the sideboard.

For the centerpiece, I placed the spruce needles on the base of the candelabra then layered on the juniper berry and finished off the look with a few ornaments.  I feel like the layered fresh look adds a beautiful touch for our holiday table and it was pretty simple!

The final holiday touch that rounded out the room were the cedar stems I hung above each window.  I used ornament hooks to hang the stems and then hung ornaments from each stem.  Totally simple and really dressed up the look of our windows, right?!
I think that might be my favorite part of the decor this year?  Well that and the fresh, full $9.99 Boxwood wreath :) such a deal!

What do you think of our Dining Room Decor
Are you digging the cedar stems above the windows too?
Do you have a favorite Christmas decor piece this year?  I want to know what it is!

Thank you everyone that posted comments for my mantel post!  I kinda felt like a jerk for writing it then I almost went back to remove it, but it really cheered me up when I read the comments that came through so I let it be :)  I still kind of feel like a jerk but I guess it reminded me that the best kind of writing, whether from me or anyone else, is done with honesty and authenticity.  So even if I am a jerk at least I am the honest kind I guess?  Again, thank you for the kindness and reminder of why I love writing this little blog :)

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  1. Loving all the natural greenery you used!

  2. Lovely! I'd love to follow your example and use fresh greens, but we have a VERY nosy little cat, who likes to check things out with her mouth ;) So we're limited on decorating until she's a little older and (hopefully) less nosy! :)

    And I just wanted to say that while I don't often comment, I still read all of you (and Alex's!) entries and love them! I'm just bad about taking 2 mins to say anything!

  3. Should we guess that your beautiful linear candleabra on the dining room table is from the venerable Tarjay? If so- recent acquisition?

    1. It is actually from Bachman's, it is a local floral shop chain here in Minnesota. I got it a few years back, comes in handy year after year at the table or under our TV on the mantel. What made you guess Target? Just wondered if you saw something there like it.


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