Sunday, December 8, 2013

Meet Me by the Mistletoe for Our Holiday Staircase Look!

Well, I wasn't totally finished with my Christmas bonanza or extravaganza or whatever I called it because I realized that our staircase banister and mistletoe decor is totally worth a look too!  I know "staircase decor" isn't all that typical (or necessary) for the holidays, but the little staircase was one of the things I fell in love with most when we chose our home and I love decorating it this time of the year.  It still makes my heart melt a little when I walk through the door, just like it did when we got the house :)

Here's peek at the staircase from our entryway...

Did you catch that fun little touch of mistletoe?  It's a fun, cute unexpected surprise right?!  I had never thought to add any kind of decor above our entryway but it's just so simple and cute- I'm loving it! 
I keep catching Alex under there just hoping I'll happen to walk by so he can get a smooch, hehe!  Mistletoe really rocks :)

When it came to the staircase garland, I used fresh spruce roping, juniper berry bundles, green+gold ribbon and metallic ornaments (same elements used on our mantel and in the dining room).

What do you think of the staircase garland or our little touch of mistletoe? 
Will you be adding some surprise mistletoe in your home too?

I highly recommend the mistletoe... Tis' quite fun if you know what I mean :)  If you need another staircase decor idea click the link to see the Merry Message Along Our Staircase we created during the 2010 Christmas season.

Well, with the staircase covered I guess that rounds out all the holiday decor for this season.  In case you missed any of the other Christmas decor posts, be sure to check out all the ways we decked our halls!  Here are links to our 2013 Christmas Tree, the Fireplace Mantel, and the Dining Room.


  1. Looks wonderful! How does it smell? Love the juniper berries in there.


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