Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Miserable Morning Errand Run

There are certain things you know you just shouldn't do during the weekend in the Twin Cities-   Example: visiting the Mall of America and/or Ikea.  You know it's going to be mobbed with misguided out-of-towners, Sponge Bob or some American Idol person clogging up traffic in the Rotunda, there won't be a place to park within a half mile, and the lines, ugh!!!!   Without a doubt, it will be misery. Pure. Sick. Misery.

So why I am telling you this?  Well, when I got up this morning I knew I had to head to get another gallon of paint for our kitchen project and thought, "hmmm, I should go to the Home Depot by Ikea so I can stop to get those new kitchen rugs and while I'm there I can run into the MOA to get couple returns done that have been sitting in my closet for a while."  

Yep I did it, I knew better but I did it and regretted it immediately upon seeing the line of traffic on the highway exit ramp.  Silly me for thinking that the -10 degree weather would scare off the crowds/out-of-towners but no, I was wrong, so very wrong.  By the time I got here it was too late to turn back.  I had come this far and I was determined to get my errand to-do list done.
I was prepared for awful parking but with the on-going construction situation between Ikea and the MOA, the options were even more limited.  I ended up finding a spot somewhere in Richfield (city north of Bloomington) I think?  With the subzero temps and MOA in the distance it was time for some cardio.  Tip for anyone planning a visit-  wear your heavy duty winter gear so you can make it from your car to the inside without risk of frostbite or a broken leg from running over sheets of ice :)
With my game face on I was ready to dodge the crowds... and by game face I mean my no make-up face (fun fact: I refer to that hat as my "no make-up disguise") LOL!  Not my best photo but I think it captures how cold I felt while going to & from the car.

Thankfully I lived to tell the tale after the whole ordeal and crossed off all those to-do's from my list including picking up extra paint for our kitchen repaint project!
We got a big chunk done but had to call it quits so we can catch some of the Oscars.  You might recall I dig some of that red carpet action :)

Any other local folks feel my pain when it comes to a MOA or Ikea visit?  
Will you be watching the red carpet & Oscar show?  Who are you rooting for?

We're going to have our own mini Oscar party now, maybe I'll share some pics and fashion thoughts in a bit?  I can't help myself :)


  1. Oh My You Should Have Sent Alex. Guys Don't Get Distracted Like That Unless A Car Or Cycle Shop Is nearby.

  2. Oh My You Should Have Sent Alex. Guys Don't Get Distracted Like That Unless A Car Or Cycle Shop Is nearby.

  3. I feel your pain! I usually try to hit Ikea on a Monday evening, but sometimes weekend runs are necessary. We are in St Paul and considered going to MOA today just to get out of the house, but I'm glad that we just stayed home! Cannot wait for this cold spell to break. Stay warm!

  4. Oh gosh ! That is amazing others were there too in that weather! I nearly stopped at our Ikea since I was "in the area too", but figured that weekend crowd would be brutal .... that was some good cardio! LOL

  5. My daughter is the personal shopper at Macy's. I usually stop every Tuesday because I head to Mpls to babysit and the MOA is on the way. There isn't a day or time that I go and don't have to drive forever looking for a parking spot. She always says don't come on the weekend (which I do a lot with another daughter - I have 4 of them!) so that's why I started stopping on Tuesdays. It doesn't matter. One day, seriously, I drove around the ramp and outside for 1/2 hour. It is certainly frustrating.


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