Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Newly Painted Office & the "Upstairs Shuffle"

Check out the newly painted (but not decorated) office!
 Here's a look at the room when we moved in...
We did paint it a dark gray, but I never really loved how it looked.
After the May tornado caused some water damage in this room, we found out we would have to paint it again anyway- and I was happy about that!  Once the ceilings were done being painted by the professionals, it was time to paint the walls!
 I picked out a nice, lighter neutral color- Behr's Brown Teepee.

 Thankfully, I didn't get in trouble :)
My hubby just felt a little bad that I did all this work myself, but he did admit that he was thankful he didn't have to do anything!
I was mostly nervous that Alex wouldn't like the color, but he did! Yay!  We both thought it looked pretty similar to our inspiration photo (minus the texturing).
 Alex is also planning to put up some shelves like the inspiration photo.
 I still need to do A LOT of decorating in this room, but as you can see we moved our Craigslist Ikea Ektorp chair and ottoman out of the Upstairs Spare Room and into the Office- which might become a Den.  Yea, I am just as confused as you are about the names of all the rooms upstairs, but bear with me.

So, the "Upstairs Spare Room/ Sitting Room/ Dressing Room" has been COMPLETELY taken apart...
 My Dressing Room just wasn't working for me, I wasn't liking the layout or functionality of the space.
 To help explain, here is our not-so-much to scale Upstairs Floor plan:
What is happening now is what I like to call "The Upstairs Shuffle"

Since the interior repairs were finished up, a lot of the furniture we have upstairs is being shifted around from where it was originally.  It's kind of fun (and not fun), but I really want to improve the use and functionality of the Office & Closet Room- like make them actually useful :)

We have a lot of work ahead of us, but with Thanksgiving & family coming quickly we have a deadline to hit- 11/23 "bum, bum, bahhhhhhmmm".  I'd love to have the Office/ Den & Guest Room complete since they will be staying in those rooms.  So wish us luck!  I can't wait to show you the end result!


  1. Now I love that diagram of the shuffle!!! I think it should be a full size poster and come with the marriage certificate!! Your room really came to life with the tan color!! Much better than before!!

  2. What a lot of work painting a room is, so thankfully that nasty job is done. It looks great and I agree looks a lot like in the inspiration photo. Now comes the fun part, in my opinion.


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