Friday, August 10, 2012

August Head Over Heels Friday #2: "DIY-ikea" Creations

As mentioned in a delightful little post earlier this week, my "DIY-ikea" was totally unplanned as it resulted from my HORRIBLE Ikea experience last Saturday. Since I couldn't take the Applaro Wall Panel home, I'm happy I was able to whip up my own version that provided the same function...
I am just Head Over Heels with how simple it was to make and with this completed, I'm pretty much finished with the last of my deck decor!  Here's a look again at my vertical planter idea and Ikea's wall panel that planted the idea (ugh, love a good pun).
Applaro Wall Panel: Ikea $39.99; with shelves $59.99

When I started thinking about decor for our newly finished deck, I had a hard time coming up with a way to decorate the outside wall of the house.  It's not like you can hang a framed photo like on the inside... although that would be kind of funny.  Anyway, the vertical planter was the perfect way to add some decor and I loved how Ikea displayed their panel with hanging planter pots (shown that way in the catalog, not online).

My line of thinking when making our own was that it needed the ability to hang little planter pots.  I quickly thought of all the lattice laying around our garage.  There was tons of it and I could easily hang plants from it!  DING-DING!  I grabbed a section, cut it down to fit from the deck to the top wood trim, and then spray painted it.  This is where my hubby jumped in to help :)  He pointed out that it needed a frame around each side in order to support the weight of each planter pot.... and unknowingly, he signed himself up to work on this project too, hehe!  Alex cut a piece of wood for each side and attached it to the lattice (shown with red lines below).

After that, I added one more coat of paint.  I decided to paint the lattice to match the color of the patio furniture to create a cohesive look with the accessories.  The last step was attaching the lattice panel to the house.  Alex used a concrete drill bit and created pilot holes for the screws first, then used screws to secure the lattice panel in place.
Once he finished, I happily added my little potted plants and squealed with excitement! 
 I used thinner metal pots/vases that I had from Ikea (they are kind of old),  I figured the lighter weight the better since I had to add a plant and soil.  To secure to the lattice, I used metal clips from an office supply store that had a small hook attached to them.  Who knew I'd use them for something like this but it worked!
This is how it is looking today, but I'm feeling kind of eager to add a couple more plants or flowers... it needs some more right?!?!  Keep in mind I am no expert on plants or flowers, so if they grow all crazy and huge I will move or adjust as needed.  The fact that I have had them for a week now and they are still alive is an achievement for me :)

What do you think of this DIY-ikea creation?!?!  Are you Head Over Heels for this one too?

I'll take the rest of the Deck-orating afters tomorrow morning when I have some pretty sunshine to work with!  Can't wait to share, have a great weekend everybody!

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  1. Looks terrific! Congrats on coming up with Plan B!!

  2. This is a great idea. I also have some lattice hanging around and now I know just what to do with it. Thanks for sharing :)


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