Monday, July 15, 2013

Pinning, Painting, & Manly-Pinning

Okay, I have some "Stupid Chairs" progress but that is only because of all the nice comments and suggestions everyone offered!  I was in a total rut and feel so thankful to all of you who reached out, so special thank you to Amber, Genevieve, C.E.R., Pine Tree Home, Charlotte, Mdegraeve,   Vanessa, Dyana, Bev, and a couple anonymous others- I really appreciated hearing your thoughts :) I think it helped turn a daunting, poopy, negative feeling project back into the fun, creative project it was intended to be!

With that, it seemed like the consensus was that I should stick with a nice solid fabric for the seat and save the cute patterned fabric idea for a decorative pillow- made total sense, why didn't I realize that?! Because honestly, it's a lot more likely that I will get tired of a pattern in a couple months and want to change it, and that is a lot easier to do on a pillow than on a seat cover.

From there I hopped on Pinterest and started pinning chair styles that I liked.  Here's a little glimpse of the favorites from my board...

Sure, they all look kind of plain but that is exactly what I needed- they all look plain!  They all look something- plain! 

I narrowed in on the look I need, the style I'm most drawn to, and that made the decision to paint the chairs (again) easy... even though I didn't want to.  Yes, I loved the color I had painted them (Rustoleum's Night Tide) but it just wasn't working.  After my Pinterest research, I felt 100% confident in my choice to paint them Rustoleum's Midnight Navy Blue.  Funny enough, the Night Tide to Midnight Navy Blue ombre I witnessed during painting was kind of strangely beautiful....
Right?  The in-between stage looked summery and pretty I guess?  Anyway, from there it went to here...

... and with the sundown, artificial light on, I am all the more happy with my color decision!  It's the right hint of dark blue color in the sun and looks pretty much black/brown when it's gone!  LOL, the rhyme makes it right!
 So, I'm feeling good about where things are at now and it's ready for fabric and finishing!  Woot! 

Lastly, kind of related/un-related but funny either way.  My hubby discovered Pinterest on Sunday and reacted like most people that start tinkering on it do- scrolling, clicking, searching- and dun, dun, dun- pinning! 

Yep, Alex asked how to "save" something and I shared how "pinning" works (create an account, name, boards, etc.).  Despite my it's so easy tutorial, Alex gave me the - it sounds too complicated, I'm zoning out- type of look and opted for his own version of "save" on Pinterest.  So what you see below is Alex's board my Pinterest page, description listed as "I'm not about to start my own page or whatever you call it.  I like a lot of cool stuff though and this is a good place to share."
So, for anyone following Hammers and High Heels on Pinterest, that's the story of how Alex's board came to be (and why that weirdness exists in my pretty board world).  I only hope nothing too strange or offensive shows up on his boards, because yes boys are just weird and gross sometimes (right? it's just a known fact kind of thing I think?).  So Alex knows I will promptly delete and let him begin his own Pinterest union if necessary.  Manly pinning- oh dear!

Until next time- Chair is To-Be-Continued awaiting my fabric application, stay tuned!

But I have to know, anyone else have a spouse/partner/friend/ family member squatting or hijacking their Pinterest page too?!?  Are you letting them keep it or make their own?


  1. Too funny - I started a board on my account for my husband too! he's familiar with pinterest but he doesn't want an account for himself, he just wants me to do the pinning for him! Good luck with the chairs.

    1. LOL! Glad I'm not the only one, boys just need to embrace Pinterest. Makes me think Pinterest should allow the ability to customize your page so guys can make it black with spikes or sports stuff or something, then maybe they'd feel like it's a "guy thing"?

  2. My husband is the same way; he acts like Pinterest is dumb but he always asking if I have found anything on it. I think he also looks at it when I’m not around on the Ipad because I have the app and I stay logged in LOL :)

    1. Haha! Yep, Alex does that too if I have the Pinterest page open and then leave the iPad. It's just so easy and addicting!


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