Wednesday, January 1, 2014

"Operation Deep Soak" Complete, Our Bathroom Became a Swan at Last!

Time to kick off 2014 with our completed "Operation Deep Soak" project reveal!!!  Checking this off the to-do honey-do list!!!!
Now before I continue, I have to ask if you remember "The Swan" TV show?  I kept thinking that is what this post is like- our old crummy bathroom became the decent, beautiful Swan it was always meant to be!  (And yes I still think that Swan show was pretty good yet creepy, mostly creepy due to the "here's your brand new face" reveal)... 

Anyway... my point is that once we finished "Operation Deep Soak", it seemed like our bathroom was finally done and that we didn't need to fix or update anything else in the room.  I know it isn't uber luxury type standard but our little 'one butt bathroom'  certainly became a nicer space I could stand having our two butts in at one time....

So much easier on the eyes right?  It was a REALLY long road getting here, and that road began back in 2010 and went all the way to the tail end of 2013.  I guess you can say we did it all in stages, so here's a rundown of all the projects we did leading up to the last addition of the new tub & tile surround to update the whole look of the bathroom (links to blog posts included below)...

The final touch we needed was the bath alcove and once we were ready take it on Alex got"Operation Deep Soak" underway by tearing that sucker out!

I was overseas travelling for work during this time and one thing Alex didn't mention in his post was that he scored that Kohler Bancroft tub on Craigslist for $400!!!!  MAJOR SCORE considering it retails for around $850, I was so pumped when he told me (and I can't believe he didn't brag about that in his posts, who doesn't love bragging about a major Craigslist score?!?).

After the tub was installed into the alcove, he prepped the alcove for tiling...

Then the tiling process began!  This stage also included a full week of baths only since we couldn't get the walls wet :) I kind of got sick of my fancy new tub at that time, can't lie.  Anyway...

When the tiling was complete Alex had to put the beadboard back on the walls and touch up some paint around the alcove space, but it was done at last....

... Ahem, ALL of the bathroom was finally done at last!!!

That's a wrap on "Operation Deep Soak" as well as the whole darn bathroom then I guess?!  So, what do you think?

- Did our bathroom "duckling" become a true "Swan"?
- What do you think of the new deep soak tub and white tile surround in the alcove?
- Is there anything you would change in the room (paint color, decor, etc)?
- Should we ditch the shower curtain and install a glass shower screen?

I'm really curious on what you think when it comes to that last question.  I've gotten some inspiration on Pinterest but I don't know if it will fit our old, traditional type look?  Hmmmm...  Let me know!


  1. No - I think shower doors are icky - the track always seems to accumulate goo. Also you have to be so careful to keep water spots from the glass. Better to go with a nice curtain, at least in my world! I am curious about one thing - didn't see the shower head in any of the pictures.

    1. So we were thinking just a glass panel, not the doors, I agree that they are icky! We saw an image of a glass panel that is just fixed in place, but now we are thinking it is too modern for us so the curtain wins!

  2. It is beautiful!! Very well done. Not sure on the glass - it would make me nervous to install it and then not like it? But, you know you always have to go with your gut on your house - it is usually the crazier/unusual things that you end up loving. Stay warm!!! (from on Twin Cities dweller to another)

    1. Hope you stayed warm too in this frigid weather! I think we are going to pass on the glass for now :)

  3. I adore the fact you chose subway tile and did the room in a manner that honors the year your home was built. It is stunning.

    1. Thanks Jessica, I read your comment out loud to Alex and we both smiled :) loving how this new old look feels in our home too!

  4. Our "big" bathroom is about exactly like yours... very small and tight. What kind of a sink is that you have? We need to redo ours too and I love everything you've done with yours. It's perfect. I am having my hub make a towel ladder for me similar to yours but just with 3 dowels for our towels. I dread tearing out the bathtub and surround too and we are both too old to be doing this ourselves anymore (retired) so it's daunting. But keep the curtain - no door... we got rid of our doors and love having the curtain.

  5. Megan from PEI CanadaJanuary 13, 2014 at 5:51 PM

    Awesome Job! Love your blog! You and your man seem like an amazing team! Thank you for Sharing


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