Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Then, Now, and What's Next: The Guest Room and Office Edition

We are (hopefully) getting closer to starting interior repairs on our house!  All of the interior damage caused by the May Tornado is in the upstairs of our house (see list of damages in this post). The rooms that will be having work done are the Guest Room, Office, Master Bedroom, and the Hallway/ Stairwell. 

The biggest repair will be closing up the hole in the ceiling in the Guest Room where the tree came in through the roof.  Other than that there is a lot of surface repair that needs to be done because of water damage.  The bonus with that is we have the option to change any of the current paint colors in those rooms.  We are still debating some of the color changes, so I thought it would be nice to look back at those rooms and share our design ideas. 

I wanted to cover all of them in one post, but it was starting to get really long.  So today I will review the Guest Room and Office leaving the Master Bedroom and Hallway for a separate post. Also,  if you have an answer to some of the questions in bold please send us a comment!

The Guest Room
As I have said before, the Guest Room was my favorite room in our house since we had the fun opportunity to work on it with Layla and Kevin from the Lettered Cottage.  But way before that, this was what it looked like when we moved in...
Loved it!  But then in May, this happened :(
So now the room sits like this today
Our contractor told us the hole will be fixed (obviously) and that the walls all needed to be repainted due to water damage.  I thought it was neat that we had the option to change the room color, but Alex and I are both on the fence about it.  I guess if we did change it I feel that I would keep it a light blue, but maybe dustier so it isn't so light and bright feeling?  Kind of like this room?
I know the colors are quite similar, and I still like Cumberland Fog, but if we have to paint it anyway it might be nice to change it up.....even just a little?

What do YOU think?  

Should we leave it Behr's Cumberland Fog or change it to a dustier blue?  

Do you have the name/ brand of a dusty blue paint color you can recommend? 

The Office
Our office hasn't yet made an appearance on our blog, so here is it's big debut!  It is pretty much a mirror image of the Guest Room, but a little bit smaller (the two rooms share the wall on the left side in this photo).
Just like our Guest Room, we found out that our little office is also eligible for a new paint job since the walls had water damage.  Here's a look at what the office looked like when we moved in (sorry for the mess!).  Note the carpeting and curtain instead of a closet door.
We did a little work on it, removing the carpet, adding a closet door and repainting the walls.  This is how it is looking today.  (The bed is in there because we had to move it out of the guest room when they removed the attic insulation)
(I guess it is an example of the whole upstairs being an unorganized mess, can't wait to get my home back in order!)

Alex and I both agreed that we weren't loving the color we chose.  The gray was too dark in that small room and it looked sort of purple to us.  I found this picture on Houzz and the shape reminded me of our office and it looked so nice!  I'm really digging the grayish/ brown color, the shelves, and the touch of black and white stripes.  Alex loved it too!  I think the walls in this photo have some sort of finish or texture to it, but I think we will just do plain ol' solid colored paint.
Library modern family room
We are pretty sure this is the direction we will be going with for the Office but of course with a desk and chair that have a vintage/ industrial flare in place of that couch.
Are you liking our Office inspiration too? 
Do you have any paint brand/color suggestion that look similar to this shade?

That wraps up our ideas for the Guest Room and Office.  The Master Bedroom will be next! I'd love to hear what you think of our ideas or even if you have a better one for us! 
Please sound off in the comments :)
Alright, now time to relax! Who's excited for the one hour premiere of Modern Family on ABC?!? This girl!!!


  1. Love the blog! Take a look at Mesa Blue by Ralph Lauren. My living/dining room is this color and it looks very fresh with white trim and wood floors.

  2. Love the office inspiration, Carla. The paint/texture is gorgeous! The color is similar to our bedroom color which is Smoked Oyster by Olympic. Ours has a little more gray in it but it looks like the same color family. Wish I could be more helpful!

  3. I don't have very much good advice on paint colors. I shop the oops paint at Home Depot and that's about it. Love my deals and steals. Ha! I do very much love your office choice, though. I'd like to do something similar with shelving in our living room. My parents have a bunch of old barn wood left over from our wedding, and I'd love to upcycle it in some capacity.

  4. i rather like the colour as it is but if opting for a change try celestrial Blue by The Little Greene Paint Company

  5. Ralph Lauren made a line of colors for their paints before they were discontinued at HD called "Neutrals" - Home Depot still has the formulas and my FAVORITE color from that line was what you are describing for your office. It's called Crab Apple and they can mix it in Behr, I believe. See link below! Good luck - it'll look great!

  6. What great damage! That’s the first thing that came to my mind when I read your blog about the tornado attack in your neighborhood last May. It’s really sad when your beautiful bedroom has been destroyed just like that, and you need to live with it for 3 months. Good thing the contractor came in and fixed everything. But I think the brighter side of this is you were able to transform the bedroom into an office. It’s a great idea because it’s more functional. :) Anyway, I’m not done reading your post, and I’m still looking forward to seeing the result of your home projects.

    Noreen Mayweather


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